About Us

Our Story

North Star Pathways was founded in 2014 by Neva Donaldson and Sydney Chamorro.  Both being mothers of children with special needs and years of experience advocating for them and researching what resources are available to help with day-to-day living, North Star Pathways has been the natural outgrowth of what was found to be missing for this special demographic.

The name of the company reflects our mission/purpose; to provide resources for growth and interaction with their community.  We also focus on fun recreational activities that help develop social skills and community involvement.  Providing support allows our kids to set goals and reach those goals, which enhances self-confidence while helping our community.  Our kids look ahead and above for their "North Star" while our staff/team members guide them on their "Pathway".

As parents, we want our children and clients to have the continued opportunities to explore their personal interests, experience their community, build relationships with peers and potential employers, learn job skills, live self-determined lives, and gain confidence with a sense of belonging in their community.

Sydney Chamorro